Earth Day & Arbor Day Activities

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd and Arbor Day is celebrated on April 27th.  These days represent a day that your family can honor our earth and trees.  There are many ways that you can get your children involved in learning about the importance of caring for our environment and planting trees.

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Apples 4 the Teacher – Online Articles for Earth Day

Apples for the Teacher has online articles that are geared for children that cover topics for at home learning about Earth Day.  The articles include learning how to compost, to create an energy-efficient home, eco-friendly cleaning products, and recycling at home.  These articles can be a springboard for activities you can do at home during Earth Day.

Another excellent website for going green on Earth Day is  This site has information on various ways to take action including the “Billion Acts of Green” program where individuals post their act of how they will be green this year.  This includes conserving water, recycling, reducing, transportation, energy and being green at school.  You can read other user’s posts on how they are going green and the impact they are making on their community.  These ideas could then be discussed and possibly implemented in your home.

Another cool tool available on this website is calculating your footprint on the planet.  You choose your country and then create an avatar.  Your avatar then helps to build what your footprint looks like by using your answers to various questions about the types of food you eat, the products you buy, recycling habits, type of house you live in, electricity habits, driving frequency, and traveling.  Once your virtual world is complete, you are provided with an ecological footprint.  This helps you to understand how your choices impact the world.  They then provide various ways that you can reduce your impact on the earth.  This would be a great online tool to do together as a family for Earth Day. is a good online resource for children and families to learn about Arbor Day and how they can impact their community by planting trees, gardens, and .  Their site also has a volunteer page so that you can search up your local area and see volunteer opportunities that include planting trees, or working at wildlife and nature centers.  This would provide a great place to look up opportunities for your family.

The site also has many other useful resources like an online tree guide, learn the anatomy of a tree,   and a toolkit for families including activities involving nature for all ages of children.

A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods is a virtual photo montage of a walk through the woods of Illinois.  This picture story is great for families to watch together.  It encourages curiosity by looking closely at the woods around them.  Each of the different seasons will provide a different “look” of the forest.  It is definitely a cool website to check out for Arbor Day!

Have fun celebrating our world this Earth and Arbor Day by exploring great online resources.

Article By Laura Ketcham-VanHellemont

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