Early Technology Adoptions

As a tech-savvy individual, one would think that I would jump on the bandwagon every time a new technology product hits the market.  However, I call myself a “second-gen adopter.”  I typically wait and see, read, and then analyze the use of the product or productivity tool before joining or buying.


Google +

The major news in technology and social media within the past two weeks has been the introduction of Google +.  This is Goggle’s 5th attempt at creating a social networking site that will rival Facebook and Twitter.

Users are able to ‘friend’ individuals like on other social media websites.  The difference seems to be in the ability to create ‘groups’ of friends in which you can separate family, friends, co-workers, or other segmented groups and then more accurately interact and share with these selected groups about meeting up, sharing video and photos, and other interests.

Possibility for Google+ in Education

One possible advantage to Google + is that I could make a circle group for children and parents.  This way, we could share photos, video, links, comments, and other educational material without overlapping into personal information. The “Huddle”option could allow students to collaborate with other children or even around the world through real-time video and text chatting with up to 10 members.

This could also be a social media site that can be used by families and neighbors to share appropriate information and experiences.  Parents can make groups of their children and vice versa to share family photos, outings, and events.  Parents could even put an educational twist by sharing articles or interests on the site.  Since technology is a way that most tweens and teens communicate with their friends, it would be an easy way to engage them in learning.

Article By Laura Ketcham

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