e-Learning Today TV | Math Poker, Educational Apps and Bamboo Growth

Episode 37 – Thurs., Dec. 2, 2010

  • Episode Length: 10 minutes, 47 seconds
  • Previous episode – Green Education

Feature of the Week – Poker in School Teach Math

  • A teacher at George Mason High School is using a very interesting way to teach math. Poker!
  • The school sponsored a poker club earlier this year and it’s a great success.

Watch and Learn – 11-year-old Speaker on Food Practices

  • Birke Baeher talks about his ideas to green and localize food production
  • He has been “roadschooled” since age 9, traveling with his family, while studying sustainable and organic farming practices
  • Explains how marketers try to persuade both children and adults to buy their products that are unhealthy
  • Great example of someone who knows exactly what they want in life and is going after his goals.

New in the News – Letter to Obama, Mrs. Obama!

E-Freebies – 6 Animal Inspired Educational Apps

  • iLiveMath Oceans
  • Fish School
  • Charles Peattie’s Animal Alphabet
  • Jungle Coins
  • Old McDonald HD
  • Peekaboo Barn

So, What Do You Know?

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