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One of the new revolutions in children’s stories seen this past year is the creative new e-books that have been created for the tablet computing generation.  These stories are not just words on a page but are interactive, animated, and fully engaging stories for emerging readers.


The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

One of the newest books to hit the virtual bookshelf is called The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.  This animated, interactive story is about a man who loves to read.  A hurricane hits his hometown and all of his books are lost.  He ends up finding a house of books where he is the caretaker of all of the stories.

The story is very engaging for children and adults alike.  On each page of the book, there is an interactive element like a swipe of the finger to make the winds increase as the storm approaches or a flick to make the books flutter on the page.  The narrator of the story is engaging and speaks slowly enough so that younger children can read along.  This book is very impressive and provides a high standard for future books of its kind.

Pete and the Secret of Flying

Another interactive book that was recently released is called Pete and the Secret of Flying.  The story is about a bird named Pete who was discouraged to learn to fly by his mother.  One night, while out exploring he climbed up a tree and then jumped from the top and then began to fly.  He then teaches all of the other birds, including his parents how to fly.  The story is absolutely adorable for young children and emerging readers.  It definitely gives a new twist on bedtime stories.

The beginning of the book provides options to have the story read to you, have you read the book silently, or to have the book automatically read by the narrator and have the pages flipped at the appropriate timing.  The interactive portion of the book involves selecting birds on the various pages, including Pete, which will animate them to either fly around the page in different patterns or to tweet and chirp.  To move onto the next page, you swipe the arrows.  Each page has different animations, music, and sound effects that really bring the characters to life.

Grimm’s Red Riding Hood

Just released within the past week, another hit interactive e-book for children is Grimm’s Red Riding Hood.  This book can be read silently or with a narrator.  The narrator does the different voices and inflections which children will love.  This version of the story is child appropriate and has a happy ending.

What makes this book different and even more fun is that there are interactive 3d pop-up games that you play throughout the book.  The first game was to have Red Riding Hood clean her room before she heads off to her grandmother’s house. The next game was to choose what Red Riding Hood should bring when she goes to visit her grandmother.  Every few pages, there are interactive games to stop and enjoy.

All of these interactive e-books are fun and engaging books for emerging readers.  This style of book can be used to motivate students to read and would be great for both home and school.

Article By Laura Ketcham

Picture By avlxyz

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