Doodling to Learn! – A New Take on Math!

Most kids have spent countless hours doodling away in class, at home or wherever they find themselves with a pen and a piece of paper. It is a great way to express creativity, get across some ideas, or simply to entertain.

Doodling Stars is a stream of conscious video about doodling in math class instead of learning about the process of factoring. As the video continues, you see that the student has actually learned all about factoring through the doodles she has made. It is a video that opens up your mind, and lets you know that learning can really be anywhere you are, sometimes without even any notice.

Doodling Stars, by Vi Hart, is just one of the many posts, including Binary Trees, Snakes + Graphs, Infinity Elephants and other number games. The videos all use real-life objects and topics to explore math. Her videos are helpful for kids to know that you can learn math, along with many other subjects, outside of the textbook and classroom. This may be an even more important thing to remember for those who do not stick to traditional rules of teaching or school systems.

This video also helps kids realize that they can start to make connections between some of the things they are learning in the classroom with things they see and encounter everyday, outside of the classroom. Check out her site for more fun math stuff, like how to make mathematical foods! Kids might even start thinking about and using math in a totally new way!

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