Donating to the Cause – Education Series

When companies come together, it is oftentimes for a great cause. The power of connecting people can be Global non-profit organization Nanhi Kali and cultural movement agency StrawberryFrog have come together for a great cause raising money for girls’ education in India. A Girl Story, is an interactive web series that is based on donations and only continues if you donate to the cause.

Nanhi Kali aims to help educate girls in India but plans to expand worldwide. There are about 45.5% of Indian women who are over the age of 15 and are illiterate, and only 23.1% of men who are illiterate. With help from StrawberryFrog, they have created this innovative series which follows a young girl on her journey to get an education, reflecting the real life struggles that many young girls still face today. The money from all the donations is used to access a new segment of the series. This money will then be used towards money, classes, books and other school essentials for the girls in India.

With 11 parts of the story so far, donations continue to create segments. Users get to be involved by donating to the cause. Similar to the education system in India, without money, the process can not be continued. A Girl Story offers a unique and innovative way to donate to a great cause for education. With more causes like this, we can hope that all children around the world begin to receive the education they need and deserve.

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