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Writing is an essential part of communication.  It is the main method of how a child can show the knowledge of what they have learned.  Fourth grade is the pivotal year where children learn to begin to write more complex sentences, paragraphs, and are introduced to formatting of essays.  There are many websites that can help in their writing growth that can be used at home to build their skills.


Read Write Think

Read Write Think is one of the most popular websites to practice writing skills.  This website has both informative and interactive elements.  Children can learn about the various aspects of writing by reading the lessons provided.  They can then put what they have learned into action by using the interactive resources like the build a comic creator, creating a timeline, and the Printing Press which helps students to make various documents like brochures and letters.

BBC Bite Size:  Writing

The BBC Bite Size site has educational resources for younger children in the areas of reading, writing, spelling, grammar, math, and science.  The writing component includes a game, a reading section, a video, and a quiz.  Topics include persuasive writing, writing letters, newspapers, and reports, and how to write and follow instructions.  The four components under each topic provide children with an online lesson into the various types of writing in a fun and interactive manner.

Mr. Nussbaum’s 1,000 Sites in 1

Mr. Nussbaum’s 1,000 Sites in 1 provides annotated image links to appropriate learning websites for children.  They are broken down by subjects and topics like science, math, reading, and games, creativity, and apps.  This teacher created site provides links to language arts sites on various topics including spelling, comprehension, nouns, pronouns, and commas.  However, the best part of this is the games that are created specifically for this site.  Under language arts games, there are games ranging from learning spelling, proper use of semicolons, digraphs, and sentence structure.

Lightning Bug is a writing resource companion website with interactive elements.  This site can help tween and teen writers to brainstorm ideas for their writing, develop stories ideas, and then figure out how to tie up the ending of a story.  Each section provides different suggestions on how to start, develop, and end the story in a fun way, but still using the main concepts of the writing process.  Under character development, the article provided shows Lego characters and how each different character could fit into a story along with teaching the concept of mind mapping.  Creating a story together is a great way to share time with a teenager and allows for one-on-one interaction.

Teaching children that writing is important for learning communication skills can also be fun through incorporation of learning games and activities online.

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