Do YOU Believe? – Student School Speech

Since our children are the future, why not let them be involved with it? This video is an awesome display of the power that our children possess. Dalton Sherman, the keynote speaker, expresses his beliefs through this powerful speech. Starting with the words “I believe in me, do you believe in me?” he engages the audience by posing a question. He talks about his own school believes in him and the fact that they encourage him to be or do anything he wants.

He addresses the Dallas Independent School District, asking if they believe that he and his classmates have the power to graduate and go on to college or enter the workforce. He then tells them that they do and the need for them to believe so that they can reach their highest potential. For some students, the teachers and staff are the only people they can look up to. They act as parent or guardian figures, as well as role models. Now more than ever, students want and need people they can look up to.

This speech alone proves that this particular child had someone who believed in him. It is proof of the power in which that belief had. It also shows how one child can inspire not only other children, but adults, too. It takes a lot to give a speech like this, at any age! This speech is a demonstration of the ability to achieve a goal. With his powerful message and delivery, Dalton expresses the need to simply believe. If more students express their thoughts like this, there will be more opportunity for change in the school system.

If school districts have students become more involved with important issues, they can discover new ideas that may help solve issues.

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