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Episode 3 – April 2, 2010

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Pick Me Up

Special Ed Gardening Tennessee special education students working in school garden

    • practice life, job and social skills

    o real world experience

Current E-vents

  • National Library Week – April 11 – 17 – Fantasy Library Contest
    • A challenge from mystery author Laurie R. King to create your own fantasy library.
    • Winner receives literary art and a complete collection of Laurie R King books for the library of your choice. Deadline: April 9.
    • Incorporate mathematics content in this contest by modifying this NCTM Illuminations lesson into a Design your Own Library unit.


    • interactive, educational site
    • practice spelling words
    • work to build a creative picture
  • Wumpa’s World
    • Arctic themed site based on TV show
    • games, activities, characters
    • story time
    • create story endings
    • lets students be producers/directors
    • recipes, activity pages, games, desktop wallpapers

Hash Tag Talk

o How to define, quantify, and maintain passion in light of today’s challenges.

o Diminishing freedom of educators to teach creatively and not simply to the test has led to diminishing passion in educators.

o Some disagree, stating that this lack of freedom actually ignites passion in educators.

o Sir Ken Robinson urges that for our students, “creativity is as important as literacy and we should treat it with the same status.”

o “If you are not prepared to be wrong, you will not create anything original. We don’t grow into creativity – we grow out of it, or rather we get educated out of it.”

Blogger of the Week

o Cyber filtering in our schools has gone to extremes and is actually limiting the creativity of our students and teachers.

o She insists, “What happened to TRUST! Teachers are obviously trusted to teach the kids, and apparently not trusted to decided what is appropriate when it comes to using the internet in their classrooms.”

o Cyndi is the Education Technology Integration Coordinator for the Kansas State University and writes regularly on her blog about tech integration.

o Her website has great videos and links like the The Amazing Web 2.0 Projects Book.

Watch and Learn

  • Education Today and Tomorrow
    • Need to move past traditional education
    • Integrate technology into classrooms
    • Prepare students for jobs requiring technology

Teach This

  • Free Resources for Creating a Culture of Respect in Your Classroom
  • A gay teen in NY wins $50K from a school district that failed to stop taunts about his sexual orientation.
  • Massachusetts – 15-year-old girl hangs herself after she was harassed for months -school administrators knew about but did not stop.
  • Now, with 9 students charged, questions have arisen about how accountable school officials should be for stopping bullying.
  • GLSEN recent national survey:
    • 65% reported verbal abuse or physical assaults rooted in homophobia and prejudice in the past year alone. 84% of those surveyed reported hearing derogatory comments
    • American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry indicates that 77% of students are bullied reg.
    • The 3rd cause of death aged middle and high school students is suicide.For elementary school students – suicide is the 6th leading cause of death.
  • Ann Banks, Edutopia – “Bullying is not a perennial rite of passage that educators, students, and parents are stuck with.”
    • Set clear rules – 57% of students do not report incidents
    • Cover bases – schoolwide training, classroom reinforcement, intervention
    • Help teachers – train teachers to not encourage but interrupt bullying
    • Think ahead – role play.
  • Free Online Resources for Creating a Culture of Respect in shownotes.

o The Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network

o Teaching Tolerance

o Think B4 You Speak Campaign

o The Trevor Project


  • Learning Media
    • math, science and writing games
    • cartoon like characters
  • GuruLibWeb 2.0 library tool to catalog classroom libraries for your classroom, grade level, or school.
    • Users can review, connect, and share between classroom libraries.
    • Intended for home library use, but would work great between and among classrooms.

Random Fact

It is illegal to carry an ice cream cone in your back pocket in Kentucky.

The combined weight of all the ants in the world is about the same or greater than the combined weight of all humans.


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