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Episode 60 – 5.20.2011

Nathan Hidajat Charity

  • Little boy who is dedicating his birthday to a campaign to raise money to get people clean water. His goal of $1000 is to help 50 people have clean water for the next 20 years. Instead of a party or gifts, he is asking for donations to the cause.
  • Donors will see their name on the Donors page of the website that Nathan’s parents helped him make. They will also receive a signed picture from Nathan, mailed using stamps from his own savings.
  • In his plan, he states that for every $100 of his goal reached, he will play the piano, another passion along with drawing, at the retirement home in his area.
  • This is a great example of how a little bit can go a long way. This young child is already passing on his generosity and kindness to the people around him. More acts like this in the world will hopefully make a lot more people more generous too! Now Open!

  • The Obama Administration has created a new online resource to educators of all levels helping communities advanced in digital literacy.
  • The site contains a vast variety of tools to help people of all ages on job skills, basic computing skills, Internet collaboration, advanced IT skills, and more.
    The site also provides Lesson Plans and Curriculum as well as games and activities.

NASA’s Lunar Electric Rover Simulator

  • A free iOS app that lets you can download on your iPad that lets you explore the moon!
  • A game allows players to perform tasks that support activities of a lunar outpost. The goal is to transport items from place to place, while working against the various challenges that come in your way. There is also an interactive gallery with a lot of images.
  • Letting them experiment with apps like this one can expand their knowledge and open up a whole new category of career paths and job fields that they may want to eventually become a part of.

Amazon’s New Trade-in Program, Cash Your Goodies

  • Trade in your “old” devices for gift cards at amazon including old CRT monitors to mp3.
  • Educators and students could have “Device” Drives at schools or local communities to collect gift cards and buy new supplies for the next school year.

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