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After working with a group of children for a day on the computer, I decided to see what educational websites they enjoyed “playing” on at home in their free time. I learned and played on a few sites that I haven’t explored before and that would be great additions for home learning.



One website was Edheads.  This website has free science and math games and activities.  This site partners with various companies and universities to help develop their games so that they are accurate and educational.  Activities include learning about stem cell transplants, design a cell phone, simple machines, perform a hip replacement, and crash scene investigation.

The cell phone activity includes a video on background information, researching, design, and implementation of a cell phone that would be user friendly for the elderly.  In the research segment, you learn about the customers need and wants for a cell phone, then you design the phone, and then test it with the market and see how your sales are for that phone.

The activities are interactive, provide great background information, and require children to use critical thinking skills.


Another website that they really enjoyed playing on is Friv.  Friv is a compilation website that has hundreds of online games for children.  Some of the games have an educational value and some of the games are just for fun.

The game Cannon Experiment has children aim a canon to shoot a ball into a basket.  The challenge is that the angle of the cannon must be taken into consideration along with walls and other obstacles in order to make the basket.  This game will build a child’s problem solving and spatial skills.  The game Plummer 2 is a puzzle game.  Children have to rotate the pipes in order for the water to not spill, and make it to the end of the pipe. Liquid Measure has children practice math and measuring skills by combing vats of liquid in the appropriate sequence based on their number totals.  With all of these games, the higher the level the more challenging it becomes.


One child also shared a website that their little brother uses called Cookie.  Cookie is a great website for pre-school and lower elementary aged children.  The games and activities encourage children to learn their colors, letters, numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, and shapes.  There are also lessons to learn about science topics like animals, transportation, growing plants, and the five senses.  These activities are very kid friendly with bright colors, building background knowledge, and using vocabulary that is age appropriate.  Young children will definitely benefit from these fun educational games.

Article By Laura Ketcham-VanHellemont

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