Connecting Kids with Kinect for XBox 360

Video games are one of the things that most children look to for some form of entertainment and relaxation. Although it is a highly addicting and popular form of entertainment for many children, it can serve some other purposes for others.

John Yan, a reviewer for Gaming Nexus, is one of the latest to purchase the new Kinect for XBox 360 motion controller. John’s son, who is autistic, has always wanted to play video games, but had trouble with many of them because of the complicated controllers full of buttons and combinations that are sometimes difficult to operate.

Without a controller, it was quite simple for his son to play the games. Just by doing everyday motions, like jumping or moving your arms and legs around, you are able to play games, control characters and move about in this virtual world.

The video below shows some of the fascinating things that users can do with this innovative tool. Even though there is no controller, the system is still very accurate. It has intuitive steps and even many voice commands. Without the use of a controller, users have more freedom and opportunity to move about and really enjoy the games.

Small movements like the ones done with the Xbox 360 Kinect can lead to a very big progress for children with disabilities. The ease of the movements that users can control with by using this system can be the beginning steps that many children need to progress their learning in many ways.

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