Connecting Classrooms- School and Educational Network

Elluminate, Inc., providers of solutions for real-time online learning, have launched LearnCentral, a new social and professional learning network for education.

LearnCentralLearnCentral offers so much to the education world. It is a free learning community that is open to the public for the sharing of resources and content. Those involved or interested in the educational world will find resources and tips that are useful to their lives and that can help them be more productive and effective. Hold real-time online meetings and events all in one place!

Can’t seem to get parents together to brainstorm or bounce ideas back and forth? Head over to LearnCentral. Passionate educators are there to teach and learn from others with the same passion. Collaboration and inspiration on a global level is possible with LearnCentral. The ease of the website allows for parents and educators to easily develop and use a communication and sharing network.

Each member of LearnCentral gets a free Elluminate vRoom, which is a virtual meeting room they can use with up to three participants or locations. This tool makes it possible for classrooms to connect. Users can use this tool, along with the others provided by LearnCentral, to connect with their peers on a global level, share and discuss ideas, develop and share curriculum, access useful resources, conduct training and so much more!

With education and technology constantly changing in the 21st century, solutions like LearnCentral will help educators and children succeed!

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