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Interactive whiteboards are great for engaging discussion and activity with children. Even though there is so much material available, sometimes it may be hard for teachers to find lessons or activities that are just right.

harvey's homepage

Harvey’s Homepage is a website from retired math curriculum supervisor, Harvey Almarode and is a great source for interactive math whiteboard lessons. It features how-to lessons for a variety of math concepts, along with other great materials that are perfect for parents.

This site is constantly updated with new lessons and activities. Before you download a lesson, you can see a preview of what it will look like, along with a summary of what it is about. Each lesson has colorful characters and graphics that are perfect for engaging children to learn.

You can browse lessons by categories. The categories include math related topics like number sense, patterns, probability statistics, geometry and computation estimation, just to name a few. There are plenty of games that parents can also use for free time, centers or added practice for kids.

This site also has great web resources that relate to interactive whiteboards. You can learn more about the whiteboards and people who use them in their everyday lives.

Interactive whiteboards are perfect for capturing the attention of your kids all at once. This website is a great source for math related lessons. Your kids will be so engaged with these interactive lessons; they might even forget that they are learning!

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