City Year – A Year of Change

There are so many non profit organizations that do well for this world. Many of them focus on helping make changes in our environment, health and education, some of the things that most people are very fortunate to have.

Journey of Action highlights City Year in this video, a non-profit that brings people of all different backgrounds together for a year of full-time service. This year gives those skills and practice with real students of high-needs schools, preparing them for graduation. This video highlights some members of the San Antonio chapter, as they help to transform the schools where they are working.

The “city year” is the one made for students after senior year in college. Like other organizations, these students are placed in schools in need, and use their hard work and dedication to help better those schools.

The video has interview with some of the City Year members. One participant talks about how this program really opened her eyes to other people. Coming from a small, predominantly white area, she has been exposed to so many other races and cultures. She said that she now sees the students who they are, and not their race.

Another participant discusses how the program is preparing him for college. With the long hours and the unpredictable schedule, he is experiencing what it is like to have a need for a flexible schedule. It also lets participants see the importance of education in our children’s lives, and also lets them experience the impact they can have on them.

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