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Episode 31 Thurs, Oct. 21, 2010

Feature of the Week – DC Public Schools Now Serving Dinner

  • DC Public school implemented the Child and Adult Care Food Program this Fall
  • They offer a third meal to students in 99 schools
  • The goals are to prevent childhood obesity with healthier meals, attract more students to aftercare programs, and decrease childhood hunger in these district

Watch and Learn – I Love My Hair Video

  • Inspirational video from Sesame Street writer and Muppeteer
  • Message to his own daughter who has not come to terms with loving the way she looks
  • Inspires all black girls and women to love their hair, among other differences
  • Can serve as a model to all young children about embracing their selves

Article – Babies Online Footprint

  • A recent poll conducted in ten countries, show that by the time a baby is two months old, they already have an online footprint. This is due to parents posting their sonogram pictures, newborn pictures, etc online to share with their family and friends.

E-Freebies – 4 Social Media Sites for Teachers

  • Edu 2.0
  • SymbalooEDU
  • EdModo
  • Edublogs

So, What Do You Know?

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