Changing Now, Changing for the Future

As the world and technology are both changing, educators want their style of learning to change right along with them. As children are becoming so involved with technology and social media networks and sites, they are able to gain an enriching experience both inside and outside the classroom.

Social media sites allow children to act as content developers. Email and instant message allows them to be communicators. Technology has emerged as a completely new environment for them to learn in. Children now are living in a different space then what their educators and parents are living in, which is also a great space for learning.

School might be the place where kids come together to do joint projects and collaborations, but we are restricting them to a classroom system when we could be utilizing a community system. Social media and technology can open the door to resources and opportunities that will fundamentally shift the academic experience of students and better prepare them for life.

If parents have the tools to make a global connection and can pass it on to their children, they will also have that opportunity to utilize those tools. Kids shouldn’t have to just memorize facts that they are going to need for the rest of their lives, they should be able to find information, validate it, synthesize it, leverage it, communicate it, collaborate with it and problem solve with it.

If we change our methods and practices to reflect the future, we are only preparing our children for a better experience.

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