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starfallStarfall is a free website that helps children learn to read and write. Starfall is perfect for elementary children who are just starting to read or those who need a little extra help.

The site teaches children to read by using interactive games that combine phonetics and vocabulary. The systematic phonics approach in addition with phonemic awareness practice is great for elementary age children and English language learners.

Starfall has four reading levels that help kids learn to read. They start at the most basic with learning ABC’s where all the letters of the alphabet are presented in upper and lower case. Letters and words appear on the screen with bright graphics and audio sounds that accompany the pictures. When the child advances to the early beginning level, they add consonants to create words. Letters in each word are highlighted as they are read.

When the child advances to the intermediate beginning reading level, they can start to read stories about artists and magic tricks. In the advanced reading levels, they can read a variety of books like fables, comics and much more.

In addition, there are interactive activities that combine reading and vocabulary and are themed. Children can make a combine words to write a valentine or watch words that create a turkey!

Starfall has also released lesson plans that motivate children by creating an enjoyable atmosphere where reading is fun. You can visit the Starfall Store where they offer low-cost books and phonic journals that correlate with the website. Whatever you decide to do on this site, Starfall is a great educational alternative to other entertainment choices for children!

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