Bursting with Creativity – Zooburst Story Making Tool

Everything is better in 3-D, isn’t it?

Reading and creating stories online is a great way for children to practice their story telling skills. With improving technology and advancements, it is now possible to create 3-D pop up books, too!


Zooburst is a great digital storytelling tool. Children can easily create their own 3-D pop up books, only adding the possibilities of creativity to their tales.

This site is completely web-based. As long as you have the latest Adobe Flash plug-in, you will be able to access it. You are able to see the book from any angle and can even rotate the book by dragging your mouse around. You even have the ability to make certain items “clickable”. This means you can learn more about that specific character or object within that story.

Users have the ability to edit the background, how much of a degree the items will pop up from the book, as well as embed their book into their site. You can also drag and drop images wherever you want, as well as resizing them, rotating and coloring them.

If you have a webcam installed on your computer, you can click on the “Augmented Reality” button. This will allow you to watch as the book appears in the palm of your hand! You can also upload your own images into the site’s library of materials.

They are currently accepting users on a rolling basis. To get started and apply for your own account, visit this page.

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