Boo! Don’t Be Scared by These Halloween Safety Tips!

There are so many exciting things for kids to do on Halloween. From dressing up in costumes, to collecting candy to attending scary themed parties, there is so much to do! An important factor that all parents must take into consideration is the safety of their children on this holiday. There are tons of safety videos that show kids some basic tips on staying safe during this holiday.

This video from Hanna-Barbera’s first Unicef Halloween uses some famous characters to demonstrate some safety tips. It is a great short video clip that you can show children at home. The video uses the theme of a board game to get the children in the video to answer safety questions correctly in order to advance. It also gives explanations for why each of the answers is correct.

Kids will love the cartoons in this video. From The Flinstones to Scooby Doo, they can relate to these familiar characters that they have seen in popular television series and movies. They use the characters to demonstrate examples of situations that children may be in, for example, telling their parents if they are going to a party or playing with new friends on Halloween. They show that it is just a simple yet important task to remember.

Before the costumes are put on and the candy is ready to be collected, show this video to your kids before they head out for their Halloween festivities and make sure they are safe this season!

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