Bloom’s Taxonomy Poster for Parents

[Updated Nov 9, 2009 – Thanks for the feedback everyone! A special thanks to Mr. Portman & Ms. Quirk for their additional comments. Mr. Portman, we’re happy that British students can also now enjoy the Blooming Butterfly poster. To our educator friend in Iceland, we are officially releasing the poster under a Creative Commons license today! To read more about the terms, click on the links below the image.]

Blooming Butterfly Poster

Creative Commons License
The Blooming Butterfly poster by Smart Tutor is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

[Updated Nov 6, 2009Due to popular demand, we’ve switched the position of the Blooming Butterfly. The thinking skills now read from left to right!]

Bloom's taxonomy

For decades, Bloom’s Taxonomy has helped teachers plan lessons and design instruction. When Benjamin Bloom and a team of educators first conceived the classification in the late 1940’s, they probably never imagined the impact their work would have over 50 years later. While other theories and systems have come and gone, Bloom’s taxonomy appears to have become the most commonly used standard in many educational settings. In the 1990’s, Lorin Anderson and a group of psychologists updated the taxonomy in the hope that it would have more relevance for 21st century students and teachers, transforming the nouns to verbs and making some other seemingly small but significant changes. An interesting account of the history of Bloom’s Taxonomy can be found here.

The Blooming Butterfly poster was designed by the Smart Tutor product development team as a tribute to Bloom and Anderson and to the educators all over the world that continue to implement their vision. We hope that it will serve as a visual reminder for parents and teachers as they continue to guide children to become better thinkers, just as Bloom imagined many years ago!

Download The Blooming Butterfly poster as a pdf.

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  1. I really like this poster. It surely is far better than my old one sitting on my desk. Would like to investigate ways I can get my school district to purchase these mini posters for all of our desk tops.

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