Blogging Educators – Track Your Stats!

Blogging is a relatively easy and convenient way for educators to share their own thoughts, ideas and other plans with anyone they choose. From other teachers to parents of students, blogging can help deliver a message that would otherwise not be able to reach that many people.


Many educators make use of the site from Google, Blogger. This site allows you to create your own blog for free. You can easily customize your blog to fit the needs of your style. Google’s Blogger is now offering an easy way for you to track the stats of your blog. This special version of Blogger allows you to log in and have access to new features, including the Blogger Stats.

Blogger Stats will allow you to monitor and analyze the visitor traffic that comes to your blog in near-real time. It will tell you which posts get the most visits and what sites send traffic to your blog. These features will allow you to better target and write for your audience.

They are also working with popular search keywords that send traffic to your blog and other information like the countries they come from and what web browser they are using. With simple and understandable interfaces, users can take advantage of this added feature. With no additional sign-ups, codes or other links, everything is available in one place. Educators can use these features to better target their audience and help give the blog’s readers more of what they want!

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