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Episode 2 – March 25, 2010

(Episode Length: 22 minutes, 58 seconds)


Pick Me Up

  • Special Education Inclusion
  • New Jersey high school students working to include special education students

o raise awareness through t-shirts

o working with officials for daily inclusion for students

Current E-vents

  • Children are invited to submit their original art work on any topic
  • Great prizes to win
  • Mangomon will post the winning art work on the web site (
  • Ada Lovelace Day
  • International day of blogging to celebrate the achievements of women in technology and science.
  • Success – Over 2200 pledges to blog about women in science.
  • Celebrate in class – Draw a Scientist


o interactive, cartoon site

o characters as parts of speech

o games, videos, songs

o fun way to practice grammar and reading

o Youtube for kids

o previously reviewed

o categories – most shared, popular, etc

o great for supplements, entertainment, etc

Hash Tag Talk

  • #EdChat – 1 PM Discussion
  • Recap: Recruit and retain great teacher-leaders
    • Good teaching cannot be calculated with a formula; good teaching is an art form.
    • This is not to say that great teachers are born. Indeed, with adequate training, support, resources, and mentors, great teachers can be made.
    • Ineffective policy, inadequate pay, and increasing class sizes are leading to rapid teacher burnout
  • Evening discussion: “What methods or techniques do we use to increase parent communication?”
  • Gaining parent trust, sharing concerns and accomplishments with parents regularly and in a variety of ways – including taking advantage of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter as a school-home connection tool were just a few of the suggestions.

Blogger of the Week


  • Joe Bower – Teacher Shortage or Teacher Leakage
  • poor administration, poor policy
  • teachers “forced” to leave
  • Countries like Finland have immense amount of respect for teachers.

Watch and Learn

  • Changing Now, Changing for the Future – Future Classroom
  • as technology changes so should the way we teach
  • children already using social media and technology
  • will only prepare the students for the future

Teach This

  • Facebook has begun to surpass Google in weekly traffic. How can we use it as an education tool?
  • 1. Book/Peer Writing Reviews/Journal Entries
  • 2. Lit Responses
  • 3. Follow News Feeds and Current Events, Create a News Source for the Classroom or School
  • 4. Poll Your Students
  • 5. Practice Reading Skills with Facebook Games, Knighthood etc.


  • inks to tools for teachers
  • rubric makers, quiz makers, assignments, etc

Random Fact

24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute.

There are more stars in the universe than all of the grains of sand on earth. 

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