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Oftentimes, parents want to offer a fun assignment to kids that they will be excited to participate in.

With Blabberize, kids can upload photos of any person, place or thing. Then, you can trace the mouth of the photo and record a voice for the photo to speak through. There are an endless amount of possibilities that they can do with this fun tool. Sharing information about authors, subjects and books are great ways to use this tool. You can even save the projects and embed it in websites or blogs.


Some great ways to use Blabberize are to “blabberize” an important historical figure from the past, themselves for a biography, a famous scientist or mathematician explaining their theories or even a foreign language! You can also use this tool to teach vocabulary words or even narrate a drawing or photo. There is even a Blabberize blog where you can read about the latest from the tool, as well as read about how other educators are using it.

The graphics and instructions on the site are easy to understand and follow so kids can quickly rerecord their voice until they like the final version.

With Blabberize, kids can create a unique explanation of whatever topic they may be learning about that particular time. It is a great way for them to practice narration or storytelling, too! So the next time you assign your kids write a report or story, try having them “blabberize” it instead!

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