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The following guest blog was written by Christopher Cullen, Better Lesson Community Director.

BetterLesson is a professional online network for educators. We are committed to helping them organize and share curricula and ideas with the best tools the internet offers.

In 2007-2008, Alex Grodd and a group of teachers from Atlanta and Boston public schools founded BetterLesson. BetterLesson’s mission is to ultimately improve student achievement by first improving educator morale.

We are working to make sure educators have quick and easy access to the best lessons, units, and curricula in the world and that teachers who share their curricula are receiving recognition for doing so. With the support of NewSchools Venture Fund, we launched our site’s beta version in the fall of 2009.

Register as a beta tester today!

Over the past 6 months, we’ve collected a great deal of user feedback from our beta-tester users and our tech team is hard at work implementing much of those feature requests presently. Over the 2010 spring and summer, BetterLesson will continue to enhance its core platform in an effort to be the go-to site for teachers who want to organize and share curriculum and ideas in large and small communities online.

Most notably, changes will include

  1. completely redesigned curriculum pages/tools and
  2. more rigorous discussion tools.

We are also working on premium solutions for organizations who are interested in custom tools.

We’re excited to open up the site in the coming months. In the meantime, though, any educator interested in being a beta tester is more than welcome to sign up for an account at There may be a short delay in activation, but I’ll make sure they get on quickly!

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