Become a Fan of Fantage! Online Community for Kids!

With the dozens of online communities and social networking sites for kids, sometimes it can be hard to find the right one for your children. Some are too simple whereas others are too mature for certain kids.

Fantage is a great online community for children ages 7 to 13. Short for “Fantastic Age” this is a place that was designed with kids in mind.


Fantage is a place where kids have the opportunity to play games and interact with each other, in a safe and secure environment. Along with these games, they also get to use the age-appropriate, safe social networking experience within a fun virtual world. It combines the real life aspect of social networking with the animated and fun world of graphics and cartoons.

When you sign in you get to pick which servers to join. Choose from ones like the Emerald Elephant and the Gold Gazelle! Then you can select a region you want to visit, so you can travel to uptown or downtown. You can also release your inner spy and choose to do undercover missions, where you will head underground!

Your kids are sure to pick up quickly on this site. They can earn medals and gifts by playing different games throughout the world. By collecting stars they can then purchase furniture, clothing, costumes and other items for their virtual world!

Fantage gives kids the opportunity to interact online safely with other children their age. Parents can change settings, for example on the communication privileges, chat settings and more.

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