Be a Winner With These 6 Educational Games

With all the stress and the hard work in the classroom, sometimes students need a little time for some fun. Educational games are a great way for students to have fun while learning and using their heads! Here is a list of 8 websites that offer fun and interactive educational games for students, for free!


6 Sites for Educational Games:


This site offers children plenty of fun games to play. They range in topics like math, reading and science to help reinforce basic elements that they have learned in school. Some games are even available in a hard copy. With fun characters and colorful graphics and real life scenes, children will be hooked on this site!

Jimmi Rocks, Under the Sea Adventure

This colorful underwater themed site allows students to navigate through a virtual world while learning facts about sea animals, creating their own art, playing interactive games and communicating with others while they earn points to decorate their very own underwater world! Parents or educators can monitor the amount of time children spend on games to allow them to focus on the other great parts of this site!

Learning Media

On this site you can find a collection of seven math, science and writing games for students. You can choose to play the interactive games right on your computer or download and save them for later use. Cool themes like “Alien Addition” will motivate students to want to play and learn.


This non-profit organization works to create unique and educational web activities for teachers, students and parents. All the games and activities meet both state and national standards. Some activities include “Design a Cell Phone”, “The Odd Machine” and “Simple Machines”, all which are real world applications. You can turn on subtitles to practice reading, too. With high quality graphics and great audio, EdHeads uses the Internet to teach the sometimes more difficult concepts to children.

KidsKnowIt Network

The site provides free access to tons of educational tools. With the help of real teaches, mothers and volunteers, this site is always updated with new features and material. You can search for resources in topics like Astronomy, Biology, Geography, Geology, Math, Memory and Spelling. Free interactive games are a popular item on the site. They will take students through fun adventures practicing both math skills and video game play skills. There are even links to some great educational movies.

Moppet Games

Moppet Games is a website of fun and free games for moppets, or any young child or person between birth and puberty! These quick games allow students to practice memory with shapes, play hangman and word searches. The math worm game is uses basic math skills like addition and subtraction. These are perfect when there are a few extra minutes in the day or at a computer lab.

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