Be a Creator and Educator!, created by Russel Tarr, allows you to create educational games, activities and diagrams…all for free!

Here is video that walks you through the steps of using the site to create your own games.

You can put these items on your own blog, website or use them with your kids! The best part about it, especially for busy parents, is that you don’t have to signup, create an account or pay! is supported by Google Ads so there is no charge for creating the resources. Each flash template can be saved as a stand-alone HTML file or as a Widget. This way, they can be embedded into a blog or wiki so parents or children can view it. This is a great resource for anyone who teaches online classes or has a class website.

There is a sample section where you can find links with other ideas for using the 17 current templates. You can view examples of countdown timers, living graphs and jigsaw diagrams, just to name a few. They range from interactive games, activities or other lesson plans. By clicking on a choice, you will see an overview of that specific template sample lessons for using the template in the for educational activities.

Parents can find great use for sharing with this site. If you create a link to the resource from your own website or wiki or blog, everyone can view it! Children can also save work on the site for up to 12 months.

Even if you are not the most tech-savvy parent out there, plenty of tips and samples for learning activity will help you use the great tools provided on this site!

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