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Summer is one of the best times to consider making new technology purchases at rock-bottom prices for the beginning of the school year.  Many of the ads involving school-based technology are geared toward college students leaving home, however, the majority of these school-based tech tools are appropriate for kids of all ages.


Flash Drives

Flash drives are a staple supply these days.  They are used by almost every grade level including college students.  The flash drive is used as a portable storage device for students to transfer computer files that they need to work on between home and school.  The one new twist is that companies are now making and marketing child-fun designs for flash drives.  I’ve seen flash drives in the shape of animals, skateboards, cartoon characters, and movie heroes.  This gives the students a sense of individuality and makes it easy for them to tell their flash drive apart from those belonging to other students.

Graphing Calculators

A “must-have” technology for students taking high-school level math classes is a graphing calculator.  Graphing calculators are not cheap, but will last a student through several math classes and even into college.  They allow students to quickly input algebraic formulas to then graph.

Mobile Technology

Students of all ages, yes even lower-elementary, are craving the need for smartphones and small mobile devices like an iPod Touch.  They can be incorporated for keeping a digital schedule and homework log, they could be used for taking notes, they can be used for creative video or photo projects with the built in programs provided, they could even be used for fun learning games for almost any subject.  While this may not be a must-have for every parent for this back to school season, I can definitely see this trend growing and having a great impact on education.

e-Readers & Tablets

The last hot back to school item this year is either an e-Reader or a tablet computer.  These are small devices sold under the names  Nook, Kindle, or iPad.  These devices start-up very quickly and have a battery life that will last through an entire school day.  The technology has come so far to allow kidss to multi-task with reading the textbook, taking notes from a lecture, or virtually highlighting the text.  The tablet computers have the extra advantage of being able to do almost every task that a laptop computer can do, but in a much more portable way.  The e-readers are less expensive than a tablet computer, but it also has less computing and multi-tasking power.

Technology will be the big back-to-school item for this year surpassing back-to-school clothes, backpacks, and lunch boxes.

Article By Laura Ketcham

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