Back to School iPad Apps

When school starts to get back in session, one way that you can ease the transition from summer fun to school days is by including some fun learning activities during the day with these great back-to-school apps.


Meet Millie

Meet Millie is an app/e-book for kids.  This book was thoroughly entertaining (even for adults), interactive, fun, and it’s FREE.  The books narrator is engaging and has a great tone for storytelling.  As the narrator reads the words are highlighted and the user is prompted to make selections and movements for the interaction of the book.  The book has pictures and video clips of a real dog doing various humorous things that real dogs do.  The book also has pop ups and mini games to add to the fun.  Some of the other options this book has are a night-time reading mode and a read it myself mode.  There are more books in this series that can be purchased for a small fee.

Ace Kids Math Games HD

Ace Kids Math Games (Lite) HD is a free version of ACE Kids Math Games HD.  The free version of this app includes only addition and subtraction games that are appropriate for younger elementary students.  The characters in the game are cute and kids earn prizes as they answer questions correctly.  The various “help” features can be turned on or off depending on the level of the student which includes counting or crossing out to subtraction.  The sound effects and music can also be turned on or off depending on the setting.  This would be a great game for the kids to play on a short car ride or with a few minutes to spare at the end of school day before heading off to the bus.

BrainPOP Featured Movie

BrainPOP Featured Movie is an app that you can download that will provide your child with a new science-based animated video with Tim & Moby (the robot teacher) every day.  After watching the video, kids can take the quiz to test their knowledge.  This is great for upper elementary and middle school students.  While most of BrainPOP’s services are fee based, this movie app is free with one topic per day.

American Presidents for iPad

American Presidents for iPad is a new app that came out just over a week ago.  It is a bit on the expensive side for apps at $3.99, but is worth the cost.  The graphic and application of the app are great for upper-elementary and middle school students.  The app gives an overview and written biography of each president of the United States.  It is outlined in a timeline that can be traveled with a swipe.  Other important events are also added to the timeline, many of which also have links to written descriptions of the event.  There is also information on the expansion of the United States, maps, primary documents like the Constitution, and quizzes that kids can take after reading about the various time periods.  This app will help your children become a history buff or even make you a cool teacher if you share this with your students at the beginning of the year.

Back to school learning can be fun and interactive for kids.

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