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FREE Geometry – 2D Shapes – Transformations Lesson!

 Play a grid board game with Jermaine and explore transformations!       Looking for a lesson that explores transformations in a fun and engaging way? Then invite your children to deepen their understanding of two-dimensional space by playing this interactive grid board game. We designed this geometry lesson to introduce the concept of transformations (flips, slides and turns) in a high-interest environment with

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FREE Phonemic Awareness – Rhyming Lesson

Create Your Own Rhyming Rap! “Let’s create a rhyming rap together!” Join Ms. Sharpe’s class and choose lines that rhyme to create your own rhyming rap. This interactive lesson introduces 2nd and 3rd grade students to the concept of rhyming (a key skill in building phonemic awareness). Our usability testing showed that students enjoyed building their own rap while listening to the sound and

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Math and Reading Program for Special Needs Students

We’d love to remind you about MangoMon, a high interest / low level math and reading software program for special education children that range in age from teens to young adults. The program is designed to determine each student’s ability levels then automatically provide them with individualized instruction that meets their needs. Animated and interactive lessons, activities and quizzes help special needs students practice

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