Are you Ready to Shout for the Environment?

“Explore, Connect, Act” is the slogan for Shout, an initiative of several partners including Microsoft, The Smithsonian Institute, and TakiItGlobal, an international organization that provides an online educational community to youth around the world.

The goal is to use technology to teach environmental issues around the world and expose teens and their educators to resources that they may not be able to get without technology.

The program will offer online activities where kids and educators can participate and learn from other groups worldwide and offering World class curriculum materials including e-courses, games, events and 3D technologies.

Educators and children will have access to experts online including Project Leaders, experienced educators, and artists and filmmakers. They will also film the process in a movie called “AN ACTION MOVIE”, shot in 3D, which will depict the children participating on the DeforestACTION program.

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