Apps that Combine Learning Art & Science

There are many activity-based apps available that help children to learn multiple subjects or skills at the same time.  Two topics that lend themselves together that you might not think of are art and science.  Art and science are combined when teaching and learning about  colors, music, dance, and nature just to name a few.  Below are links and apps where children can learn about both subjects at the same time.


Color Uncovered

Color Uncovered is a new app that was created by Exploratorium, a science and art museum based in San Francisco.  This free app has twelve different color-related illusions where the users can learn about how their brain interprets colors.  Each activity provides a color-related topic, activity, and explanation.  Many users then retry the activity to follow the explanation.  For example, the first activity has the user look at a visual illusion where they are asked to “see a blue square.” There is then an explanation about why your brain perceives that you see the square and how there actually is not a square.  This ability of humans to “see” these defined edges would have helped out other species of animals in the past to avoid predators.  Other activities involve black and white vs. color, reflections, color pallets, shapes, light sensitivity, and many more (I don’t want to ruin the fun of exploring this app).   Children can learn about the curiosity of why they perceive colors and cool color facts.

Leaf Snap HD

Leaf Snap HD is a free leaf identification app.  This is great for families to use while collecting leaves this fall.  Learning about leaves involves nature and the art and symmetry behind our world.  The user can browse and search many different types of leaves, see nearby species of leaves that have been pinned (works best in the North East U.S.), and build a virtual collection of leaves by taking and tagging photos of leaves that you collect.  When you browse for a leaf you can search by name or by what it looks like.  When you find the leaf you are searching for, it provides photos and sizes of the leave (front and back), what multiple leaves of that species look like, and what the flower, bud, or bark may look like.  Snap it!  allows you to take pictures of leaves that you collect and based on the photo it will search their database to try to classify the species of leaf, label it, and add a time and date stamp to the time you collected the leaf.  How cool!

Doodle Buddy

Doodle Buddy is a free (with ads) app for children to use to digitally draw.  This is one of the best free drawing apps that I have used.  It allows the user to choose from unlimited colors to paint with a brush, chalk, glitter, smudge, and eraser.  It also allows users to use stamps, cutouts, text, fonts, and pre-loaded backgrounds.  After children create their artwork, they can send it by email or save to the iPad’s photo album.  It’s easy to use and share and so much easier than digitally drawing on a computer with a mouse.  To combine science topics with this art app, you can have your children draw their version of the leaves they found and label the parts of the leaf or they can create a visual illusion of their own similar to i those found in Colors Uncovered.

Try all of these free learning apps to help encourage your children to combine learning about the arts and science!

Article By Laura Ketcham-VanHellemont

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