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After having a discussion this week with a friend who is a teacher and mom, we realized that we didn’t know any great apps for practicing grammar skills.  The discussion came about because her oldest daughter was struggling to understand the parts of speech.  Her daughter really enjoys using her iPad so her mother thought if she could find some engaging apps, possibly in a game style format, that she could encourage her daughter to practice learning the parts of speech to help improve both her knowledge and her Language Arts grade.  After some research, I found some excellent apps for engaging kids in learning and improving grammar skills.

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Grammar Jammers

Grammar Jammers, created by Pearson, is an app to help children to practice grammar skills.  There are three different leveled apps including primary, elementary, and middle school editions.  The primary app is free and the other two apps cost $2.99.  Each edition contains age-appropriate songs, rhymes, and animations to help children to remember grammar skills.  After each singing lesson, children are provided an opportunity to take a quiz to test what they have learned.  Here is an example of the app in action. As an adult, I really enjoyed this app and started to sing along and can see how it can really help kids to learn and remember various English grammar skills.

Grammar Games by Tap to Learn

Grammar Games is another highly engaging grammar app for children in grades K-6.  Instead of using songs like Grammar Jammers, this app utilizes pictures. The pictures are used as the learning portion of the app that helps to teach children the different grammar skills.  The practice portion of the app is a game that has the child place the various parts of speech onto the correction area of the animated plane screen.  This app is very easy to use and to learn.  However, I can’t see it being as engaging for older children as Grammar Jammers.

Painless Grammar Challenge

Painless Grammar Challenge is a quiz and game based review app created by Barron’s.  This app provides children with grammar quizzes.  If the child receives and 80 or above on the quiz, then it opens up the ability for the child to play a grammar-based game.  The downside, as noted in many reviews,  was that there was no feedback given on what answers were incorrect and why.  This made it difficult if a child didn’t understand the concept for them to unlock the game modes.  I can see this quickly sending a child into “frustration level”.  However, if a parent is working with the child to help build the skills, then they could then provide the feedback.  Hopefully, there will be an update soon for this app to fix these problems and it could potentially be a great app for grammar review.

Grammar Dragon Education

Grammar Dragon Education is an app designed for 2nd-6th graders to learn the parts of speech as well as vocabulary and sentence structure.   This game-based program has children read passages to determine the parts of speech.  As they answer correctly, they are moved through the castle to try to save their friends from the dragon.

By just digging a little deeper into the App Store, I was able to find many great grammar apps that can help children to learn and practice grammar skills.  These apps would be great additions for home learning to help build upon skills learned in school and provide a practice environment.

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