Apple Watch Impacts Education

With the recent release of the Apple Watch, schools K-Higher Education have to revamp their policies in regards to electronic devices. The Apple Watch Impacts Education now because it provides students the ability to send and receive messages as well as connecting to the Internet through the access of their phone, thus making it a possible cheating device. Simple games can also be played on the watch that possibly creates a distraction for the student. Some schools have already jumped to ban smartwatches on campuses. While you might think this just applies to teenagers, I have seen my fair share of children, even in elementary school, walking around with the Apple Watch and other smartwatches on their wrist this past spring.

Instead of jumping to ban the devices, this scenario can be looked at in a different light. Smartwatches can actually be used for educational purposes like conducting simple research, allowing for communication in student groups, and note dictation. The Apple Watch and many new technologies impact education now and we cannot deny them, nor should we ban them.  Instead, in today’s technology age, most careers revolve around the proficient use of computers, smartphones, and now extending to smartwatches to conduct business. For example, doctors connect with other doctors through technology to discuss research, findings, and treatments. Business owners use technology to connect with suppliers and customers. Teachers use technology to research and teach lessons as well as contacting parents. So, why not allow students the same access to the technology to help enrich their education? For this to truly happen, there would have to be a shift in education from memorization tests to application of knowledge.   Maybe the introduction of the Apple Watch will help to push this movement forward. What are your thoughts and ideas on this topic?

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