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math live

Math Live is a fun and interactive website that is perfect for math practice and fun. If you are a starting a new lesson, this website serves as a great introductory tool. This site was developed by the staff and contractors from Alberta Education and consultants and teachers from Edmonton Catholic Schools.

The website is packed with great TV like episodes that are presented in a cartoon format. They are very interactive and introduce a lot of different math concepts. What’s great about this site is that it introduces math concepts and shows how math applies in everyday life.

There are four main categories of lessons to choose from. These categories are number, patterns and relations, shape and space and statistics and probability. You can click on any lesson you want to review. It will then give a brief summary of what you should expect in that particular lesson.

The lessons have colorful graphics and real life applications. The player makes it easy to play and pause at any point. At the end of the lesson you can play a fun game that reviews what you have just learned.

There is also an activity sheet that coordinates with each lesson. You can use this for reinforcement or just as an additional tool for your own teaching lessons. There are also parent and teacher notes for additional tips and ideas to help children when learning math.

There are also additional resources on this site. You can find PowerPoint presentations, speaker notes, sample lessons and teacher experiences using the program. You can read about how real teachers have incorporated this website into whole class instruction, remediation, assessment and much more!

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