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Libraries are a great place where children of all ages, as well as adults, can get lost in the vast amount of books, stories, information and words of all kind! Sometimes it can be difficult for children to make their way to a library, whether it is time constraints, the environment, or availability of resources. Luckily, there are tons of resources that can all be found online. And this library is one that is always open!


Open Library is an online resource where you can find all sorts of published books and reading materials. Currently, there are over 20 million records that come from a variety of catalogs. You don’t need to worry about making a special trip, because this is all online!

A great feature about this site is that it is all open. So, users can fix typos, submit work, add books or write a widget.

Browsing by subject, you will see categories like people, places and times. You can also search by author. You can create lists of different categories and watch for updates as new material is always being added.

I opened a book and in a minute or so, I was virtually flipping through pages of a classic tale. The pages are clear and easy to navigate with.

Children can definitely make good use of this site. From researching old stories to reading some classic tales, there are a lot of different tools they can learn from. Reading is such a powerful tool that this site, along with so many others, can only strengthen it.

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