Alejandro’s Closet | Cause and Effect | Second Grade

Listen to this story about Alejandro and what happened when he wasn’t honest. Remember to pay special attention to the events of the story and try to figure out which event caused which effect.

Splash! Alejandro slipped in the mud and fell into the pond. “Oh no, I’m in trouble now,” he cried, “My mamá told me to stay in the house today.” He looked at his pants. They were covered with stinky green stains. His shoes were stuck in the mud.

“She will be very angry when she sees me and will know that I didn’t listen to her,” thought Alejandro. He ran to his room and took off his wet clothes. “Where can I hide them?” he wondered. He shoved his wet, dirty clothes into his old backpack. He looked around his room and opened the closet door. He pushed the backpack as far into the closet as he could.

About a week later, Alejandro’s mamá smelled something strange in his bedroom. She looked around but could not find anything wrong. Each day the smell got worse and worse until it finally made her sick.
She washed the curtains and the bedspread. She scrubbed the floors and walls. She vacuumed under the bed. She cleaned behind the door. Still, the smell got stronger and stronger.
Finally, she cleaned out the closet and found the backpack. Carefully, she pulled it out. “Ay, No!” she screamed when she opened up the backpack. “What is this stinky mess?”

Alejandro’s socks were covered with green fuzzy things. They smelled bad. His pants had white fuzzy spots all over them. They smelled really bad. In the pockets, she found dead things like tadpoles and worms. They smelled really, really bad!

“Oye, Alejandro, come here quickly,” Mamá yelled. “What have you done?”
Alejandro ran to his room. “How did all that fuzzy stuff get on my clothes?” he wondered. Then he remembered.  He told his mother about going to the pond and falling in. “I hid my wet clothes so you would not find out that I went to the pond,” said Alejandro, “but the bad smell has turned me in.”

As he washed his smelly clothes, Alejandro thought about the day at the pond. He learned that he should always respect and obey his mamá. But the most important lesson he learned is that it stinks to hide the truth.

Here are some questions to ask after hearing the story:

What happened when Alejandro fell into the pond?
What did Alejandro do so his mama would not find out he went to the pond?
What happened after Alejandro left his wet clothes in his backpack for a week?
What caused the stinky smell in Alejandro’s room?

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