Adobe Creative Suite (CS) 6 Release

Adobe released the much anticipated programs, Adobe CS6.  This package of software includes the most popular graphic design programs used in the industry including Photoshop (photos), Illustrator (graphic design), InDesign (books, brochures, and newsletters), Flash (animation), and Dreamweaver (web design).  These are great programs for teens to learn if they are interested in photography, web design, graphic design, interior decoration, and other creative fields.


There is an educational version of the suite that is provided at a reduced price to make it more affordable for children.

Updates to the Program

InDesign has been updated to allow for the creation of publications that are friendly for tablet devices.  New features include the ability to zoom, add slide shows, audio, and video.  It has also been updated to allow for the creation of eBooks.

Flash now has been updated to be able to be used on the iOS devices through an additional add on feature in the program.

Muse is a new program that was added to the suite.  This program allows users to create HTML websites without having any knowledge of programming code.  It allows the novice design to create a professional looking website with minimal experience.

How to Help Your Child Learn CS6

There are many ways that your child can learn and explore the use of the Adobe CS6.  Many individuals like to just play around with the tools and see what they can do.  Other children may be more interested in learning the program through the use of a hands-on textbook that they can use at their own pace.  A good book to learn Photoshop would be The Adobe Photoshop CS6 Book for Digital Photographers by Scott Kelby.  I really enjoy the Adobe books written by Scott Kelby because they are in full color, provide real life examples for how to use the programs, and have very detailed directions and explanations of how to use the program.

Another way they can learn the different tools of the program is to watch videos online.  There are many websites that show the functions and how to use them in everyday graphic design.

Once they learn the basics of the program you can also encourage your child by giving them creative ideas of design items they could create like create a logo for a brand of cereal that they made up, or create a movie poster.  You could also encourage them to edit family photos from an event or vacation, create the family reunion newsletter, develop flyers for the garage sale, or use the programs to develop some very fun projects of special interest

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