Additions to Your Toolbox – 5 Web 2.0 Tools

With the advances in technology and web 2.0, it is no surprise that there are tools coming out almost every day. Check out these 5 web 2.0 tools that you can use with your kids!

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This user-friendly tool allows you to create diagrams online. With real time collaboration, you can create site maps, wire frames, UML and network charts. You can edit and change diagrams and have numerous workers collaborating on the same diagram. Cacoo is free to and the unique diagrams you design can be used in blogs, wikis and other web pages.

Word Steps

Vocabulary is an important component to any student’s education. For English language learners, this site can help build vocabulary and track progress. With online flashcards and 10 different interactive exercises, you can refresh what you’ve learned and add new terms to your progress. By knowing only 2,000 foreign words, you would understand 95% of all the words used by native speakers in their everyday life. For both learning new words or a new language, this site will be helpful to any language learner.


Making lists and other forms of traditional study methods are not always the best solutions for learning. CoboCards allows users to create flashcards for free. They can be split up into question and answer and you can add comments, too. You can collaborate and work with others, print them out and save them for studying later on. There is even an app for the iPhone and other smart phones that allow you to practice studying on your phone while still working together!

“Like it? Tweet it!”

When people come across something great, they usually want to share it with others. “Like it? Tweet it!” is a widget that allows visitors of a website or blog to send out a tweet about the directly from that site. There is a box in the corner of the website, with a link to the site already embedded in the input field. This can be customized to fit your site perfectly. With this tool, sharing is easier than ever.


Feedback is important to anyone who is trying to get their word out to the general public. AnswerGarden is a polling-comment system which can be embedded into a blog or website. All you have to do is enter a question at and you’ll be redirected to your own AnswerGarden. You can then embed your AnswerGarden on your page. As people post their responses to your question, their answers will be represented in your AnswerGarden in the form of a growing word cloud. It is an interesting way to see and take in feedback!

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