Activity Ideas from Craft & School Supply Companies

You may be surprised to find out that many of the crafting and back to school supplies that you will purchase this fall are made by companies that actually have amazing websites with a wealth of information.  These well-designed and engaging websites have information on how to use their products including hands-on project ideas, classroom resources, printables, and activities that kids can even do at home.  Below are some of these companies that have built these resourceful websites.

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Crayola’s website has a kids crafting page with lesson and activity ideas.  The page is easy for kids and adults to use through their search options that include themes, products, holidays, and styles.  Parents can use this site to come up with fun activities that tie into topics that are being covered at home.  Each of the crafting ideas include a photo of the project, the purpose for the project, the materials needed for the project, steps for the project, and any safety concerns that may come up with kids completing the project.

Scotch Tape

Scotch Tape has a page on their website dedicated to how to use their different products.  Project ideas include gift wrapping, crafts, scrapbooking, green projects, and card making.  Topics include supplies needed, a photo of the project, difficulty level, and step-by-step directions.  Many of the ideas seen on their website can be uploaded by users.  One of the ideas I really liked for the classroom was to make fabric covered pin boards.  These can be used for posting a calendar of events.


The teacher page on Post-it’s website has many creative crafting ideas specifically for kids.  Users can search for activities and crafts based on the subject area, grade level, or teaching strategy.  Like the other sites, the project ideas include steps and materials so that it is easy to execute with kids.  There are so many different ways to use Post-its and it is a low-cost alternative with many activities that are hands-on.


Fiskars scissors has a lesson plan page with lesson ideas that include using scissors.  The lesson ideas are actually written by Scholastic.   Many of the activities also include concepts involving math and reading like making paper pizzas for a pizza party which incorporates learning fractions and subtraction and paper sentence chains.  The lessons are very specific including objectives, preparation, materials, steps, and the learning objectives of the activity.

Elmer’s Glue

Elmer’s Glue has webpages for parents with activities for kids to complete using the Elmer’s products.  Both pages include search pages for activities where users can search by age, difficulty, occasion, or key words.  They have extensive project ideas that are fun and creative.  Activities include a difficulty level, time needed, ages the activity is appropriate for, pictures, steps, and materials needed.  This site has one of the most comprehensive and easy to follow activities.

The companies that make the resources and materials for kids to make crafting projects have great websites with resources for parents to utilize for entertaining and artistic activities.

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