A Worldly Education – Early Childhood Development

For a lot of famous people, spending time in the spotlight and traveling the world is something they do everyday. Another big part of their time is charitably spent giving back to the community and less fortunate.

Grammy Award-winning singer Shakira takes a lot of time out of her busy schedule to do work with the World Bank Group. Together, they have launched a $300 million initiative with goals of expanding developmental programs for young children in both Latin America and the Caribbean over the next two years. Shakira is involved with many foundations and charities that help provide meals, education and other support services to families and children in need.

Goals of this initiative include developing cost-effective policies and resources in the areas while mobilizing public support to improve opportunities for the children. Programs for early childhood include adequate nutrition, healthcare and stimulating environments for children from the time they are born until the time they are six years old. This is the most important time for the development of a child’s cognitive, social and other skills.

Because this time in a child’s life is so important to developing skills they will need in the future, this program is an effective and cost-effective way to improve health and academic outcomes for the future. For the nine million children under the age of 5 who suffer from malnutrition and the 22 million who don’t have access to basic care, they will greatly benefit from the efforts of this program. Since delays in development are harder to reverse later on in life, it is crucial that these children receive the care they deserve.

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