A World of Words – Vocabulary Site for Children

vocabulary visuallySometimes learning vocabulary can be tough for children who are more of a visual learner. Weboword is a great tool for those who prefer learning through images.

Great visual aids are important when learning the actual meaning behind words. Weboword is a visual vocabulary tool that gives children pictures to go along with vocabulary terms. These pictures are important in helping them build stories in their minds, that way remembering the terms.

Each word in the dictionary is accompanied by a sketch of the word, the definition, the history of the word, the pronunciation and a situational use of the word. There is a new vocabulary term featured on the home page each day. The vocabulary page has past words for reviewing purposes. There are also crossword puzzles that are based on the featured terms.

Weboword is a great tool for helping struggling readers improve their skills. By simply working with one vocabulary term a day, parents can help improve children’s word fluency and reading skills. This tool can be used to inspire kids to create their own sketches for certain vocabulary words.

The sketches are great because they look just like a sketch that any kid would draw. This different way of learning vocabulary will offer children an opportunity to challenge their minds. By breaking away from traditional word lists and flashcards, kids can relate to the images presented to them, that way making a better connection to the words.

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