A Trip To Take

Real life stories, guest speakers and projects are all unique ways that students can get a different perspective on a lesson or learning unit. Another great way to give children more opportunities to learn and explore the world around them is with field trips.

Field trips give children the chance to get inspired. From zoos to museums, the possibilities are endless. Field trips provide kids with a way to get reinforcement of the curriculum they are already learning. They can also get inspiration towards their future career goals or interests.

Unfortunately, the times are tough for a lot of people. It is not always easy, or possible for some schools to afford to send a group of children out on a field trip. That is why Lunchables, a popular brand of school food, is offering the chance for 50 deserving classrooms to go on a field trip. You can nominate a classroom by visiting this site.

There is a great video that advertises the contest, but also shows how field trips really can and do inspire children. In this video, a class is taken to a lab where they explore cool science objects and then get the chance to meet an alien. Until they are later told that the alien is not real, the kids are so engaged in what they are experiencing. The expressions on their face and their focused attention really capture the importance of the visit.

This video is great because it shows just how magical a field trip can be to kids. With just a little imagination, the possibilities really are endless!

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