A Simple Goal – Education for All | World Cup

Unfortunately in many countries around the world, education is not as accessible as it is in the United States. An organization called 1GOAL, a campaign run by the Global Campaign for Education, aims to make this change.

With the worldwide attention that the World Cup gains from people all around the world, it seems like the perfect platform to start this campaign. The players of the World Cup, which so many people look up to, can help make this change. By collecting names and support from the public, players and celebrities, they will make a united plea to all governments to meet their target on ‘Education for All’, the international commitment that world leaders have signed up to, which provides a good quality public education to all children and adults by 2015. This includes helping those who are not currently receiving an education, getting them into school, and making sure they can learn.

From World Cup players, to celebrities and world leaders, people are coming together to raise awareness that together, we can make education possible for millions of children. Many children cannot attend school simply because they are living in poverty. Disease, illness and other conflicts also limit the opportunities for many children. By simply joining the organization, you can make this awareness even stronger. Currently, there are almost 10 million supporters, and the number is growing each day. Some of the important effects are discussed here.

Becoming a fan on Facebook, Tweeting out messages or simply joining the email list, you can do a small part in a big cause. Education reduces the chances of being infected with HIV/AIDS. A child born to a mother who can read is 50% more likely to survive past the age of five and one year of schooling can increase a person’s earnings by 10%. Here is a humorous explanation of the cause.

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