A School of Their Own – Innovative Approach to Schooling

For educators all around the world, each one has their very own idea of what the most efficient classroom would look like. To try to help schools achieve the most they can, there are many schools that have their own set of rules or ways of doing things. One such school was started many years ago in 1989. This school, the Saturn School, was founded and directed by Dr. Tom King.

The Saturn School was a magnet school that served students in grades 4-8. Many of these students were at risk. The school was known for its innovative uses with technology, especially at that time, when it was not that common. They also made use of local resources, like libraries and museums, as well as businesses, which they joined with for internships and other programs. The school also had longer school years, was ungraded and did not distribute report cards or textbooks, but used student portfolios instead.

This video provides you with opinions and reviews of the school from actual students. They explain the advantages they gained while attending the school and also how the skills learned there prepared them for the future and being more familiar with technology and related areas.

This interview from Shelly Terrell with Dr. Tom King shows his dedication and drive in establishing such a great place for students to learn and grow, and just how others can follow in his footsteps to make a change for others!

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