A School of the Future – Khan’s Ideas

As the times are continuing to change, so are the ways that many children are learning. Advances in technology allow for them to learn and educators to teach in new ways that are interactive and innovative.

Salman Khan, who produces videos that allow not only children, but learners of all ages, to watch and learn new concepts from videos, has his own take on the schools of the future and what he hopes they consist of.

Khan envisions the school of the future, where mastery and empathy are the core values, and the curriculum is driven by self-paced learning. The video below explains just why he believes so.

Khan imagines a classroom for children just like his own, where the classrooms consist of children all of the same age, along with kids of all different ages, just like the idea of the “one room schoolhouse”.  Time would be spent on teaching concepts, only moving on once those concepts are learned and mastered. This allows everyone to work at their own pace and on their own time.

If you have not mastered the subjects identified, educators can then work with them, giving extra help and guidance if necessary. This human interaction is important in the teaching concept. He mentions how even a fellow six year old can give guidance to those who may be struggling.

I like the ideas he has for learning and teaching. I think using technology and human interaction provides children with all the materials they need to succeed in and outside of the classroom. Learning programs like this can help do just that!

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