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The education of our children is a very important issue. It can affect not only the children currently in school, but the adults who want to help improve the school system. One person can really make a big difference in the world. When Deborah Kenny lost her husband in 2003, she decided to turn all her efforts into doing something for these children.

Just because one child is born into a low income family does not mean they should receive an education different from a child born into a higher income area. Deborah, who always had strong opinions about the public school system, decided to take matters into her own hands.

In the video below, Deborah talks with Bill Cosby, who is also an education activist, about her views and opinions on public education.

deborah kenny

The academies were ranked the number one public school in New York State in eighth-grade math in 2007, with 100 percent of the students meeting proficiency standards on state exams.

The academy focuses on the teachers. Each week, they learn how make lessons more challenging and interesting for the children. They have a lot of freedom to set their own rules and regulations in the classroom.

The academy, which started with just two fifth grade classes, now has three schools that serve more than 700 children in low income areas of New York City. With the freedom of the teachers in the classroom, and the eagerness of the children to learn, more students are getting the education they deserve.

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