A Safe Way to Surf! – Kid-Friendly App

Parents are always becoming the proud new owners of computers, netbooks, tablets and other electronic devices that allow them to surf the web, explore new apps and have fun. Oftentimes, children want to get their hands on these devices, exploring their curiosity. It is easy for them to find their way into certain apps or websites that may not be appropriate for them. There is now an app that can make sure this doesn’t happen the next time they get behind these items.

Zoodles is a new app that is free! It makes devices like iPads and PCs have a “kid safe” mode. Every child gets their own “playground” space which acts as their login. All they have to do is click on their picture. Parents can use the dashboard to customize their Zoodles for each student.

The parents can see where the kids are spending their time and what they are interested in, based on the subjects covered. All the games that are available have been previewed by experts, so you can be sure that it is educational and appropriate. There is a play-along mode, where you can guide your kids through lessons and games, making learning a fun and supporting experience.

The kid-focused interface is easy to navigate. The content in Zoodles will adapt to each child’s age and ability level, ensuring that they are being challenged and also staying engaged. With educational games and videos, students can practice skills in areas such as cognitive development, creative development, life skills, math, reading, science and social studies!

This tool lets children learn from the great content that is available for free on the Internet!

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