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Studying science and other subjects in school can be a lot more interesting and entertaining when you can learn it in an interactive and innovative way!

google body

The advances in technology and education have made it possible to learn in new ways. Google has recently come out with Google Body, a mesmerizing site that allows users to explore the human body through zooming, spinning and viewing images.

This project is one of the latest experiments that come from Google Labs. You are given an interactive 3D model of the human body. This resource is great for science, biology or other classes that help students learn about the human body. You need to make sure that you are using Google Chrome as your browser for this to work on your computer.

With Google Body, you can use the search box to isolate different body parts or areas. You are able to zoom in and out to get better views of what you are studying. You can also pin specific body parts so that you can get a comprehensive view of how they work and function together. Clicking on an area will instantly give you the name of the artery, organ, etc.

This resource is a great tool to use when learning vocabulary, whether it is bones, muscles or other body parts. Much like other Google applications, you are able to highlight and share what you are working on.

This tool is so much more interactive than looking at the pages of a textbook. Using it can bring lessons to life, engaging children and allowing them to learn with a brand new experience.

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